January 16, 2014

Camouflage and Other Field Clothing

Where I come from, seeing people running around in camo clothes is no big deal, especially around hunting season.  In more yuppified areas I could see it being a problem, but I was just in a local Wal-Mart and the Men's section had these Wrangler cargo pants in two different types of camo patterns as well as sweatshirts in something that looks like woodland camo.  I suppose if the Wal-Marts sell this stuff year-round outside of their Sporting Good's department, then more than a few people must consider it fashion.

Camo fashion around here is dictated mostly by economy.  Army-Navy stores sell surplus BDUs and such cheap, and they come in whatever color you like, as long as it's camo.  So, those of us who want a value in rugged outdoor clothing wind up wearing milsurp clothing inwhatever pattern Uncle Sam just discarded.

ImageI wore enough of that stuff in the Army, so I go with a lot of survivalists call "Hippy Earth Tone (HEAT)" camo.  I wear a lot of Filson. The stuff costs some $$$, but it lasts forever and I only have to buy it once. LL Bean is also good quality, and costs less.  You can also wear this stuff in urban environments and not raise eyebrows.

In the Northeast we've found that German Flectarn, British DPM, and good old US Woodland Camo work pretty well. The surplus ACUs are too light, but we had a few folks dye them a dark green or brown color and then they work OK.  Multicam seems a little on the light side for the Northeast. Then you have the commercial patterns you buy at places like Cabelas, but if I'm gonna spend that amount of money I'll spend it on Filson or LL Bean for some HEAT camo.