December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Welcome to my "new" blog.  This one is going to be more survivalist-oriented than previous ones.


I spent New Year's Eve listening to shortwave radio.  Every survivalist should have a shortwave receiver for gathering news and information.  This evening I logged a couple of pirate radio stations in the 6900-7000 KHz. pirate hang-out, Radio Havana Cuba on 6164.7 KHz, and listened to a little Alex Jones on 4840 KHz.  before my tolerance ran out for this particular brand of high weirdness.

Overseas shortwave broadcasters have a different slant on the news then what you get from the domestic broadcasters.  I find it ironic, but not surprising, that former communist countries now have better current affairs programming than this country's broadcasters.

I'm endeavoring to do more shortwave listening this year.  If you own a receiver, you too should endeavor to listen more.  If you don't own a receiver, you should make getting one a priority.

When the grid goes down, this is going to be the way you receive your news.

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